James Shrager

Digital Product Strategist

I identify, define and implement impactful new digital propositions for companies across a range of sectors.

I have over 11 years' experience across proposition and product development, software engineering and finance and during this time have developed a unique skillset that blends strategic thinking, technical knowledge and creativity.

Personally, I’ve built and launched several high growth digital products in gaming, financial services, publishing and social networking. I’ve successfully exited from two of these products with one achieving over 15 million downloads worldwide.

I love the early part of the company building process and enjoy getting a new business off the ground.

I’m also a Chartered Accountant.

Key Skills
  • Turning ideas into viable concepts and bringing them to life
  • Creating innovative solutions to complex problems
  • Presenting and explaining complex information in an easily understandable way
  • Identifying market opportunities and helping to define product vision and strategy
  • Ability to rapidly acquire new information, skills and experiences
  • Being proactive and making things happen

I also run a technology lab experimenting with and launching digital products. Find out more at http://www.theapplabuk.com